It Started with a Vision Board.

So, I'm really excited this week to create a vision board for United Love Project. I'm starting to pull together some magazine clippings that have really inspired me this year, Allure magazine.You are so on point btw.. so that's been huge for me. In fact, I feel like it's shaped my feelings around some of the current issues we are facing that are really difficult to self-process. you know when you get that feeling like somebody or in this case, something finally gets you. It feels so empowering! Well, that's exactly how I felt. The United Love Project vision board is needing some more artwork before I put it all together. Do you ever find yourself knowing really in the back of your mind what you wanna do, and yet, you avoid it? like I've had every intention of working on this vision board until it is finished and ready to go, and then I procrastinate instead. as I dig deeper into my mind for the..." why do you do that mandi?" maybe I'm just afraid. it could be because I have to now zone in on what I'm doing and I start feeling the overwhelming pressure of United Love Project needs means to an ending!! or it's just the fear of the unknown. Or even worse, what if I fail? What if people don't understand or relate in anyway at all. I love Peter Pan. if you know me personally it won't take too long to find out this detail about me, it reminds me of that quote. 'What if I fall? Oh, but my Darling. What if you fly? I know I know! the Peter Pan and Lost boy thing is so overdone, but isn't it because it's so wonderful and relatable? It's so true. seriously, I'll give J.M. Barrie that, but really, What if we fly?



"What if I fall? Oh, but my Darling, What if you


- J.M. Barrie                                                                                                                   

To fly is impossible. on our own without a plane or some source of wings, its impossible.  There are countless things that are impossible. I've been told this already with United Love Project it's impossible. your never gonna have millennials or young adults interested in this society or care about taking care of themselves and taking care of the world. Well, I'm sorry but when I hear that I just think in my mind, that's bullshit. WE DO CARE, we want to change, we see a suffering world and we want to help. We are dreamers ready to ask ourselves tough questions and we are willing to find solutions. I dream that United Love Project will be a solution. or at the least, it will inspire and touch people to take action, to deal with the inner insecurities that are holding them back from being a change maker, a problem solver of today's world issues. because they are TODAYS problems and they don't wait unfortunately for us to deal with all of our own shit first so that we can give to others without burnout. we all have something to donate to this planet. We need only the courage to discover it. I'm on this journey. the self-discovery journey. for me it starts with United Love Project. Its starts with a vision board. It starts with Love.

Mandi Smith


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